1) What is Death's Gambit?

Death's Gambit is a challenging action RPG side-scroller set in an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors.

2) What's the story?

Will be revealed soon!

3) What's the combat like?

The combat involves weapons (guns/blades) and abilities (magic). You arm yourself with three abilities, two weapons, and one healing item simultaneously. The current goal is to make the game about strategic,  thought-out play, not about perfect twitch reflex or muscle memory.

4) How can I follow you?

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/deathsgambit
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JeanCanellas and https://twitter.com/KeiKube
Youtube Dev Logs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXO9wIhCVhJ5XAwu8qOgpEQ
Tumblr - http://deathsgambit.tumblr.com/
 Website - http://www.deathsgambit.com/

5) What platforms will this game be on?

We are currently only releasing for PC. However, we would like to bring Death's Gambit to other platforms too! We'll keep you updated.

6) Will this game have controller support?


7) How do you explore the world?

The game is non-linear. Most new areas are accessed by defeating big bosses. There will always be multiple routes to take. If you are having trouble with a specific area, try seeking an alternate path. 

8) Will this be on Steam Greenlight?

Still up in the air. Can't announce anything yet.

9) Will Death's Gambit have online features?

Still up in the air. Can't announce anything yet.

10) Will there be a new game +  or postgame content?

More details to be announced later!

11) Will there be multiple classes?

More details to be announced later!

12) I saw something about grapple guns and climbing giants!

That's just one of the many boss encounters we have planned. We want each boss in our game to be extremely unique and unforgettable! 

13) Will there be a kickstarter?

A Kickstarter is not planned at the moment.