White Rabbit is an independent game developer team

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Jean Canellas  - jeancanellas.com@JeanCanellas
Programmer | Lead Designer | Combat Design Warlock

Has been a designer on several titles including RTS The Maestros and previously a design intern at mobile game company Backflip Studios. Comes from a small island where there was nothing to do but play video games. Obsessed with MMO raiding, wants to make a single player version of that.


Alex Kubodera - fractalinteractive.com - @KeiKube
Artist | Lead Designer | Narrative Vigilante

Breathes life into the world of Death's Gambit through awesome art and environmental story telling. Has been an art director for numerous student game projects and has a great range of experience in other psuedo-game related projects. Hails from Japan and is a recent graduate of USC's Interactive Media Program. 

Greg Laszlo
Artist | Animator | Flipbook Maven

Freelance graphic designer for almost a decade with a passion for video games. He's worked in a wide array of digital mediums from web, to 3d, film, animation, branding, image development, programming and illustration.


Kyle Hnedak  - www.kylehnedak.com
Composer | Instrument Lord

Kyle Hnedak is a classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist, inevitably residing in Los Angeles. He enjoys working on film and video game music, and is always looking for new musical challenges.

Death's Gambit is being published by Adult Swim Games.

Power Up Audio is creating sound effects for Death's Gambit.

Extra Contributors

Calvin Drake - Design

 Brian Fischer - Art

Thomas Hunkeler - Art

Tina Kowalewski - Agent

 Taylor Wolk - Art

 Tou Yang - Forums

Tiffany Zhang - Concept Art